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Spirit of Tasmania

The Spirit of Tasmania have confirmed arrangements for MBMMC Roundup24 for travel aboard the ferries.

Important Note: Bookings are currently only open for travel up till 10/11/2024. Reservations for the following week in November 2024, should open next week.

All details regarding this event including how to book are listed below:-

An Exclusive Member’s Page has been created on our website and is ready for your participants use

  • When booking/amending via this page, members will have access to the best available fares on their chosen sailing dates.
  • All passenger, accommodation and vehicle space is subject to availability at time of booking/amending.
  • Please keep in mind our fares do fluctuate and are subject to change until payment has been made and a booking number and e-ticket provided.
  • Alternatively availability and bookings can be requested via our Customer Contact Centre on 132010.

o    Please note booking and amendment fees do apply to non-internet bookings.

  • Bookings for this event are valid for travel between 08/10/24 – 11/12/24
  • Limited vehicle space has been protected for:

o    Depart Geelong on 05-07/11/24 inclusive – PM departures and

o    Depart Devonport on 12-14/11/24 inclusive – PM departures

  • Protected space for vehicles is based on motorbikes. Protected space will be held until cob 28/07/2024 or until sold out. However protected space may be reviewed prior to this date and adjusted to match member interest and bookings to-date. 
  • When booking via the Exclusive Members Page, the following fare types will be offered (subject to availability):-

o    MBMMC RoundUp24 (Spirit)

o    MBMMC RoundUp24 (Flexi)

  • If the name of your event is not included in the fare type name, this indicates you may have left the Exclusive Members Page booking platform and may need to re-check before proceeding.

Updated2223hrs 21 Nov 2023

The URL address to the Exclusive Member’s Page is:

Routes from Spirit of Tasmania Terminal to St Helens

Route A

Longest, but best ride.  Lots of twists and turns.

3hr 28 min


Route B

Minimum highway ride, relaxing, great scenery.

3hr 20 min


Route C

Fastest, a lot of highway travel.

3hr 5 min


Tasmanian Motorcycle Transport are highly recommended if you are considering shipping your bike to Tassie for RoundUp.  Carolynn the owner, has been an avid rider and part of the Tasmanian motorcycle scene for many years.  To top it off, she is also an Army Veteran.

List below are the MBMMC RoundUp prices.  It is based on picking up from a single depot or address at the nominated town that is agreed to by both parties from each major centre to a nominated site in Devonport or Launceston.

Bookings need to be locked in by the 30 June 2024.
Prices are inclusive of insurance & GST.
Bikes cannot be overloaded with luggage or extra gear – just what can fit in panniers, topboxes and saddlebags as per manufactuers load limits.

One Way

Port Macquarie$1,130.00
Wagga Wagga$920.00
Alice Springs$1,990.00
Port Augusta$1,510.00


Port Macquarie$2,260.00
Wagga Wagga$1,840.00
Alice Springs$3,980.00
Port Augusta$3,020.00



Is my bike insured?
We have comprehensive insurance from pick up to delivery.

Do I need to drain the fuel?
No, you are able to leave the fuel in the bike.

Do I need to disconnect the battery?
No, the battery is fine to leave connected.

Can extra items travel with my bike?
Yes, there is an additional cost for extra items like boxes of parts, exhausts, helmets and jackets.

Is my bike protected from the elements?
Yes, we transport motorcycles in enclosed vehicles away from the weather and potential road damage.

Do I need to leave the keys with my bike?
No, you can but as long as the motorcycle is not locked we do not need the keys?

Will you start my bike?
No, we do not need to start the motorcycle to load it.

How will you load my bike?
With the utmost care. Each motorcycle is individually tied down using the swingarm and front forks. We do not compress the suspension and each motorcycle has padding between it and his neighbour on the truck.

Can you help me with a roadworthy certificate in Tasmania?
Yes, we have a great relationship with a Devonport mechanic who can perform roadworthies.

Do you crash or breakdown recovery?
Yes, anywhere in Tasmania.

Can you do a special price for multiple bikes?
We can at times depending on demand and how many motorcycles we will be moving. Hit the “Get a Quote” button to find out more.

How do I pay?
We email you an invoice with our banking details on the bottom of it. Motorcycles will only be released after invoice has been paid.

A note from Carolynn about bike transport:

These prices are locked in till the 30 June 2024 after which the 2nd of three planned federal government price hikes of 6% on all heavy vehicle ie road tax, fuel and registration commences making it 12.06% more expensive for heavy vehicles to operate than it was on 30 June 2023, with the first 6% price hike starting yesterday (1 July 2023).
Just a note – there are a number of booking agencies like Bike Logistics, Bike Nut and Motorbike Movers and some of them will make it sound like they actually transport bikes. They don’t. They use the cheapest contractors with very different levels of competency. If they are offering a cheaper price it will mean they are using one of around 8 known ‘transporters’ that use an open trailer towed by a Ford Ranger or van, carting boat engines, jetskis, general freight etc and use ramps to push bikes on and often have no idea how to tie down properly. They have no insurance.
Please let your members know that since a number of long term motorcycle carriers have just in the last few years quit due to increasing costs and these dodgy transporters. All legitimate motorcycle carriers are all pretty much the same price. Allwest and Toy Haul have gone. East Coast Motorycle Pickups has downsized considerably. Most of the dodgy carriers last 2-3 years before they collapse and get replaced by anothe dodgy carrier.
If any of your members are in areas outside those listed in my quote they can contact me and I can put them in touch with regional carriers that can get their bikes to one of those regional centres if needed.

Countdown to RoundUp 24

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